The Leading Lady: Blondie

Of course she's the namesake of the bar. She also tries to create an eclectic and comfortable environment where everyone has a good time. Whether you feel like engaging with other clients or prefer to roll with your own clan, she works hard at making sure you have gotten what you were in search of: a creative martini, sassy repartee, and a good time to be had by all who cross the threshold. Blondie can be found behind the bar slinging martinis on most Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday afternoons.


Bar Staff: Anna


A friend once told Anna that she's “like Tinkerbell, with brass knuckles.” Also, she's what you might call “a talker.” Come in, hang out, shoot the shit, have a bitchin' cocktail, lather, rinse, repeat. Anna will amaze you with her dorkiness; entertain you with her quirkiness; satisfy you with her drink-makiness; and, if you're willing, facilitate your awesometasticness.


Bar Staff: Karen


External link opens in new tab or windowGreat live music, dancing, and cocktails||||

Karen is the newest addition to the Blondie's Bar family. She works for a non-profit during the week and moonlights at the bar as a bartender and barback. She takes pride in her work and is serious about it, but once you get to know her, she's pretty funny. She's the youngest in her family, so she's had her fair share of prank pulling. Watch yourself, or you just might find yourself on the receiving end of a harmless prank.


Bar Staff: Robin


Sometimes called the Michael Jordan of Bartending, or just "Flair Jordan", his array of trick pours, behind the back moves and sleight of hand has seen him recruited by Cirque du Soleil as well as pretty much every bar in town. A veritable encyclopedia of drinks, his unique concoctions have been known to cause women to swoon with pleasure and men to shimmy with delight. In the summer of 2006, he became a bit of a local legend when he prevented a woman from getting rufied by grabbing her drink from her lips and drinking it himself, then still managing to finish his shift even as his legs turned into string cheese before blacking out just after the last customer left the bar. He doesn’t remember what happened next. In his free time, Robin enjoys hunting boar with spear, le parcours, vigilantism and running the local chapter of the American Bunnyrabbit Rescue Federation. You can find Robin most weekends serving suds n sarcasm and sometimes even with a smile.


Bar Staff: Sven


Sven is an intensely private but personable individual. To find out more about him, talk to him with genuine interest during one of his shifts, and you'll find that he shares his opinions liberally. Venture some of yours and he will address them candidly, but with respect.


Door Staff: Courtney


No, she won't cut you a deal and definitely won't let you in for free. When you're stepping out front “for a minute,” she doesn't care if you're going to get something from your car, use your cell phone, or smoke a cigarette. And lastly, no, she's not Blondie and she is most certainly not “your girl.” However, Courtney will greet you with a smile, stamp your hand, and hope that you have an enjoyable night!


Security Staff: Darnel


Darnel is a kind, welcoming, and soft-spoken man who will invite you in from out of the cold, but will boot you out just as quickly as he welcomed you if you disrespect an employee, patron, or the venue in anyway. He has a huge heart which extends beyond his circle of friends and family. His passions include baseball, football, and music.


Payroll Staff: Elina


Elina has loved Blondie's bar for so long, she decided to get on the payroll. She is known to smile at a drop of a hat, but has a bad habit of repeating things she hears in the Mission on her blog. Last but not least, she is slightly obsessed with her Boston Terrier named Lola. You can find her most weekends stamping your hand and greeting you with a smile.


Most Importantly, Lobo


Lobo is the second mascot of Blondie's. He follows Dagwood, also a beautiful German shepherd, who was well-known all over San Francisco, but sadly went to doggie heaven in 2007.


Lobo is found lounging in the first booth, on the stage, or roaming the bar looking for a butt scratch or belly rub. He enjoys running with his pack and occasionally drinking out of the toilet, but what he enjoys most is to be the center of attention. He is at Blondie's most days, and suggests you order the drink that was created in his honor: the “Lobo,” a tequila cosmo!